Shaft's Bleu Vein Cheese: A savory, full flavored bleu cheese, aged for a minimum of one year.  This cheese is made with only the highest quality rBST free pasteurized cow’s milk. Shaft's unique aging process produces a rich, creamy flavor that is the signature of Shaft's Bleu Vein Cheese.  This product has a big, bold flavor without the overpowering taste that can often accompany bleu cheeses.  Enjoy this versatile cheese on everything from crackers to steaks.

Serendipity: An exquisite blend of Shaft’s Bleu Vein Cheese and Wisconsin’s finest aged sharp cheddar. With both cheeses being aged for at least one year, the balance between the cheddar and bleu make for an irresistible combination. The perfect cheese for entertaining!

Ellie's Vintage 2 Year Reserve:
A classic, elegant bleu vein cheese aged for a minimum of 24 months. The additional aging process creates a rare and unique cheese that has a smooth, creamy taste.  With its sweet finish, Ellie’s Vintage makes for a bleu cheese that is about as close to a perfect bleu cheese as one can get.

Shaft's Crumbled Blue:
A fantastic blue cheese that is modeled after the famous Danish Blues. This cheese has a delicious flavor and a nice creamy texture that is not usually found in cheeses of such young age.

Shaft's Crumbled Gorgonzola:
With its crisp flavor profile, green veins and slightly off white coloring, the Shaft's Crumbled Gorgonzola stays true to its Italian heritage.

In addition to our wonderful bleu cheese lines, Shaft’s Cheese Company also has the capabilities to distribute additional products

including commodity and artisan cheeses.